A Little About Me
This is my first horse, Misty and her foal Joey. I had
Misty for about 22 years and Joey for 19 years.
Our younger years!
I have been a trekker since 1965.
An awesome picture.
This is my present horse, Mouse.  We have just come back from a trail ride and she is about to have a bath.
This was Peppy, a shepard cross. Peppy loved to come on trail rides with Mouse.
My favourite group. Can you guess? I also like the Beach Boys and the Mamas and Papas.
Take a real close look at these two pictures.
Exactly what do you see?
I absolutely love my Roadster.
I play ball !
Joey when he was about 3 months old.
Teaching is
a way of life.
This is Bacon, the Vietnamese Pot-bellied Pig. 
He is about 5 1/2 months old in these two photos.
He sits,  lays down,  turns around,  gives a hoof, boughs  and always comes when called.
Bacon is one Smart Piggy!!
This is Oscar! ( 9 weeks old ) He was hanging around the barn for 3 days - no sign of mother. We provided him with shelter in one of the stalls and gave him wet and dry puppy food while trying to get in touch with organizations to help him. The Aspen Valley Wildlife Centre in Huntsville, Ont. had a young female the same age. They came and picked up Oscar within two days. He will be set free with his mate sometime this coming summer. (2007) 
Oscar - spring 2006
Oscar - spring 2007
My Favourite TV Show - Coronation Street
This is Abby, my 15 month old paint baby.
Abby at 2 months