Air and Flight
Timeline - History of Flight
1783 Joseph Montgolfier launched the first hotair balloon.
Jean Pierre Blanchard made a successful trip across the English Channel.          1785
1804  Cayley developed the first winged glider.
Stringfellow was responsible for the first power-driven model plane.    1848
1852  Griffard piloted the first steam powered airship.
Lilienthal pilots his glider and ends
up taking 2000 glider flights.       1891
1903  Wright Brothers made first controlled flight.
Santos-Dumont makes first official flight in Europe.  1906
1909  McCurdy made the first Canadian flight (Silver Dart),                and a 25 hp monoplane flies over the English Channel. 
Rogers flew across the U.S. in 49 days.  1911
1912  First woman, Harriet Quimby flew                  over the English Channel.
First airmail in Canada carried by Captain Brian Peck.  1918
1919  First crossing of the Atlantic Ocean 
           Navy Seaplane in 54 hr.
Army pilots fly non-stop across the U.S.  1923
1924  Around the world by 2 Douglais World Cruisers.
Byrd and Bennett fly to the North Pole.  1926
1929  First flight using only instrument was made by Doolittle.
Amelia Earhart, the first woman      1932
to fly solo over the Atlantic.
1933  The first non-stop flight across Canada by F.Hawks.
1939  First real successful helicopter flight.
1947  Yeager breaks the sound barrier.
Cochran was the first woman cross the sound barrier. 1953
1967 Helicopters crossed non-stop over the Atlantic.
First flights of the supersonics, French Concorde.  1969
1970  Boeing 747 First Commercial Flights.
First commercial flight of the Concorde.  1976
1986  Rutan and Yeager complete a non-stop around the                    world trip without refueling in an altra-modern aircraft,            Voyager-(milestone of aviation history).
Earhart attempts around the world but disappeared.  1937
Canadian DC 3, became the backbone   1945
of commercial airliners
Linda Finch completed Earhart's around the world trip.  1997
1998  Record breaking balloon flight - over 24 000 km                by Steve Fossett
Supersonic Concorde's last flight.  2003
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